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China's top 30 cashmere, the birth of beautiful color cashmere yarn.
Introducing the most advanced Japanese wool textiles in the world
Italy's fully automated spinning equipment,
Accumulated the top elite team in the global wool textile industry,
Opened up the Italian craft made in China,
Mastered the frontiers of the world's popular color elements,
Established a quick response system from order to delivery,
A variety of counts of yarn stock color card stocking system.
Coco Siri Cashmere Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 by Hong Kong ZL CASHMERE Company. In 2007, it invested in the construction of a production base. It covers an area of more than 50 acres and has a plant area of 37,000 square meters. It is dyed, roving, worsted, semi-worsted yarn, woolen fabric, design. Research and development of a new export-oriented enterprise, with an annual output of 260 tons of cashmere yarn, 350 tons of blended yarn, and 1 million meters of woolen fabric
The company now has ISO9001 and OEKO-TEX certification system, strictly control the supply of high-quality raw materials, so that customers enjoy the beauty, quality, price concessions and technical support. Won the recognition of international high-end brands.
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    • ZLCA-1610

    • ZLCA-0774

    • ZLCA-0777

    • ZLCA-1826

    • ZLCA-1625

    • ZLCA-1705

    • ZLCA-0737

    • ZLCA-0711

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